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Feb. 26th, 2009 07:23 pm
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So I finished the graphic novel today. I was never much into comics as a child. I loved cartoons, but was never exposed to comics beyond the newspaper comic strip. So I've been slowly getting into comics, starting with Batman since he's always been my favorite character. And with the Watchmen film coming out next week, I figured it would be a good idea to read the graphic novel beforehand. So when people start saying they completely f'd up the story I'll know what they are talking about. Actually I hope it stays as true as it can. While I was reading it, I recognized panels as shots from the trailer so it seems the director literally took the comic panel and turned it into the film, for at least some shots. I'll post a review of the film hopefully on Tuesday if I manage to get into the WB employee screening. If not I'll try for the second screening on Thursday. I think they are expecting it to be popular as I don't believe they've done two separate screenings before. I will LJ cut any review under spoilers so as to not ruin things in case anyone on my f-list is waiting to see the film.

And speaking of spoilers, here's what I thought about the graphic novel. I don't use any specific details but in case anyone has not read it and doesn't want to be spoiled for the film. Don't read. :)

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On a side note. I know of few of my f-list read comics. Does anyone read Wonder Woman? And if so, what's a good series to start in? That's my biggest problem with comics. For the big guys, they've been around so long, I just never know which series to start with.

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Well it's the 27th across the pond, so......................

Happy Birthday
[livejournal.com profile] ukchrisp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a marvelous day and may your b-day bring you luck in getting a great seat at the Masterclass event. :)


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