Mar. 5th, 2009

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So I watched most of the court hearing on Prop. 8 today. I missed portions due to actually having to work. I missed all the arguments for the Prop, and mostly got the woman lawyer that is against and a bit of the guy from the Attorney General's office who is also against. Did anyone on my f-list catch the whole thing. I'm curious, because from what I caught it didn't seem likely the justices would view the Prop as unconstitutional because of the whole legal thing between what's an amendment to the state constitution and what's a revision. It seemed that the argument that Prop. 8 is a revision and therefore couldn't be just passed with a majority vote of the people wasn't gaining ground with the justices. Although the woman lawyer was very articulate and great at answering and arguing her points. The guy from the Attorney General's office was horrible at speaking. At least it seemed they won't divorce all those that had married before Prop. 8, or that's the feeling I got from the justices questions. It just didn't seem like they would reverse Prop. 8 which is horrible, but they are tied by past legal precedent. I'm just wondering if the justices seemed that way when they heard the arguments for the Prop if anyone caught it. If not I'll just have to wait until there's a news summary of it. Or maybe it will be archived online somewhere. So now it's just waiting 90 days for the ruling.


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