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Funny thing happened today. I had a giftcard so I decided to walk to Barnes and Nobles to get Avatar season 1 and another DVD, I ended up with My Neighbor Totoro. I thought the Barnes and Noble wasn't too far from me and decided to walk to get in my exercise. I normally do a 4-5 mile walk around the recreation area. Well it took me almost an hour to get to the store. After checking online right now, ends up the store is 3 miles from me. Oops. Got a nice 6 mile walk today, no wonder my feet were sore. LOL.

After getting back and eating dinner it was time for me to finally finish the audio on my second film, that has been sitting around waiting for me to finish the audio for over a year now. I got the final cut files all set up with my composers music and will be spending tomorrow adding some more effects. The deadline for the Comic Con film festival is coming up, so got to finish it tomorrow.

I'm watching My Neighbor Totoro right now. I've only caught snippets of it before, so far it's a cute movie. And I'm very glad the DVD has the option to watch it with the original Japanese dub and subtitles. The Hollywood dubs they do on Miyazaki's films never fit right.

Oh and the storyboard class is going well. Last week every panel was no, no, no from the instructor. This week I spent a good deal of my homework time working on thumbnails to make sure I had the right camera angles and compositon for the shot. My drawings were really rough, but the instructor, after pointing out some mistakes not as many as last week, said that I had good shot selection and he wanted me to take it to the next level. Meaning actually designing good backgrounds and having finished drawings. So yay, I am improving and learning. :)

Now back to Totoro.
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