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So the event is over and we ( [livejournal.com profile] ghostgirl13  , [livejournal.com profile] mad_brilliant_ , [livejournal.com profile] seapealsh , and me) are back at the hotel. I'm waiting for my photos to transfer to my computer so I figured I'd do a quick update.

The event was great. It was organized and ran on time. Not sure how much was Steve's doing and how much was due to the fact that the SOPAC people were really in charge of the opening of the doors and possibly the timing of things. James was in good spirits and the crowd was a nice mixture of new and old faces, and men and women. I got pulled into a nice hug before my photo op. And I did have James sign the toon drawing. He laughed at it and seemed to enjoy it. :)

The Q&A was very intertesting. He was asked some great questions and seemed to be laughing a lot during the time. He and an actress performed a reading of Love Letters for the theatrical portion after the Q&A. It was well done and the ending was sad.

The concert sound was great although he had some voice issues in the beginning. I think he may have tired it out during the day, but after a song or two he warmed up. I don't remember the set list but he sang a great number of songs. The concert probably lasted an hour and a half. Afterwards he threw out picks to the audience and other stuff. I got a pick. :)

Overall a very fun day. Sad it's all over and I have to fly back home tomorrow. But hopefully he'll do something in CA before the year is over and I can have fun again.

Photos and a full report will follow later. How much later depends on how busy the week is.

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Well I finally finished coloring the toon james. Yay!!!! I have no clue if I'll get it signed or not. But it was a fun little project to get my drawing skills warmed up before I start that storyboard class. Anyways, here it is.

Toon )
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Well I cleaned up the sketch and I think I may have a final clean line to color. Maybe, we'll see how I feel in the morning.

No need to comment on this unless you think the first sketch was way better, so I can rethink things on this one.

Drawing )

Toon James

Feb. 6th, 2009 10:04 pm
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Things at work are really slow right now. So today when I was bored, I started drawing James from memory. I've been trying to do a portrait of James to maybe then turn into a watercolor and get signed. But my portraits tend to be really tight, while the watercolors I like are loose and free. So I was sketching from memory hoping to loosen up and maybe get something interesting. In one of the sketches I ended up tooning James a bit. So now I wonder if I should do a cartoon James and color it digitally. hmmm. Here's the sketch and a really bad coloring done very quickly just to get an idea. Please ignore the right arm/shoulder (the left side of the drawing). The human body doesn't normally contort like that. LOL.

James Tooned )

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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] sky_prague !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you're having (or had due to time difference) a fun day.

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I'm a bit early, but if I don't do this now, I won't be online until late tomorrow night. So [livejournal.com profile] spikes_cj , read this after midnight, okay.

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] spikes_cj  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope it is a wonderful day for you. Have fun.

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Pops in to say

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] mad_brilliant_ !!!!!!

I hope it is a marvelous day for you.

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Since I will be heading home after my short day at work, I best send out my wishes now.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Happy Winter. Stay safe and warm during what seems to be a much colder than normal holiday.

*hugs everyone, cause I'm cold and body heat is warm* :)
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Snagged from [livejournal.com profile] spikes_cj .

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Happy Late Birthday [profile] sky_prague .


If anyone on my f-list is thinking about going to Comic Con in San Diego this July, I thought I pass on the news that Comic Con will not be selling memberships on site this year.

Just had to report Murphy the finch layed another egg.

Happy Birthday [profile] jaesha!!!!!!!!!!

Below is a rant. Read if you wish.

Quoting [profile] ghostgirl13 "You're a dork."

Almost forgot I took some photos of the Torchwood panel at comic con.

Well I'm back home. YAY!!!!!

It's been a crazy week.

I voted....yay!!!!!

Not so much of a report as I don't have time now, but more of a pic spam.

Huh, kind of a strange year in review. I'm surprised I have two birthday wishes in there since I tend to forget people's birthdays. Anyways, there's my year. whoohoo.

Clone Wars

Dec. 5th, 2008 09:03 pm
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I'm watching the Clone Wars right now since James is doing a voice. I've never watched it before nor seen the feature film they made of it because I think the designs are the ugliest animation designs on air right now. After the first few minutes of watching the ugly animation on top of the horrible designs I seriously want to wash my eyes out. I think I'll just keep my eyes off the screen and just listen to James' voice. Ow..my eyes hurt. :(
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Not so much of a report as I don't have time now, but more of a pic spam. I will say thank you sooooo much to [livejournal.com profile] spikesgurl  for letting me invade your home and taking me around to do the tourist thing. :)

So here's the pics. Fair warning...if you have dial up don't click on the cut, cause it's a bunch of photos.

Redwoods )
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Happy Thanksgiving all my US flist. And happy Thursday to everyone else. What do you know, I actually have free wi-fi in this motel in Monterey. I had fish and chips from a restaurant down on Cannery Row, I think it was good but my throat is sore and scratchy as I am now in the hacking up a lung portion of my cold so I couldn't really tell if it was that good. But I had a very pretty and slightly scary drive up the coast to get here.
[livejournal.com profile] babysquid  you weren't kidding about highway 1 being twisty around here.
I drove through Big Sur which looks gorgeous and if I had felt better I might have stopped for a bit to take it in. But what I saw was lovely. And I went to the aquarium and saw many fishies and sharkies. I'm bringing home a little baby sharkie plush toy. :) The aquarium has a little aviary part and I fell in love with the little birdies. They were so fluffy and you just want to cuddle them, but they're too fast and run away. *pouts*  So to bed early for me to rest up and tomorrow the rest of the drive up north to see [livejournal.com profile] spikesgurl  and redwoods. But here's some fishies to wish you happy turkey day.

Pics )

So that was my day today. Happy Thanksgiving all.

ETA: I forgot to say I love my father's GPS thing that he let me borrow for this trip. It's been wonderful especially since my brain isn't too big on thinking navigation right now. It just tells me where to go, and I needed orange juice badly and it found me a Safeway that was still open. Well the still open part it had nothing to do with, but it got me there. So I'm overdosing on OJ right now. :)
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So day 2, what can I say. Gina Torres rocks!!!! She is so entertaining on stage. She came out and said that since it had been awhile she had a Firefly marathon to prepare for the con. And she wrote down trivia questions to ask the crowd. :) She apologized for not doing very many events but said she has been busy working and most recently becoming a mother. But she seemed to really enjoy herself so scheduling permitting, maybe she'll do some other events in the future. Hopes. She also said she has auditioned for a Broadway show, so keep your fingers crossed for her. Maybe you lucky east coast people could hear her sing in something. We heard a little singing as she led the audience in singing the main theme song. That was neat.
Summer Glau was sweet and soft spoken as usual. And Adam Baldwin was hilarious and larger than life per usual. It was a great con and I met some nice guys in my row. Since I don't know when I will work on my photos here's my photo ops from today. The wonderful Chris was photographing so I splurged a little by getting a Gina and Adam photo op. :)

Gina )

Adam )
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Just cause who knows when I would work on photos, here's one photo of each guest. Give you an idea how far back I was. Please forgive the heads in the shot. :)

Ron Glass )

Jane Espenson )

Jewel Staite )
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Just got back from the first day of the Firefly Con. I'm pigging out on pizza right now since per usual didn't really have time to eat during the day. Today was neat. Ron Glass and Jewel Staite were in attendance. Ron is very giggly on stage. As he was praising Dirty Sexy Money and saying he hoped there was a chance for his guest character to come back, the crowd informed him the show was canceled. He took it well. Shouted "what!" and then went on to say that his future is completely open now. Jewel was very funny as well. She recounted a long war between her and Nathan regarding the finger. Which apparently she won at Dragon Con I'm guessing this year during one of the panels. It must have been during the Saturday Firefly panel, which I didn't attend. After hearing the story I wish I had as she really got one over Nathan. The wonderfully charming Jane Espenson was also there to talk. She was supposed to be talking about Battlestar Galactica, but she talked about anything and everything she worked on. I'm sure this was announced already but she is working with Joss again on Dollhouse and was very excited over it. I'm still meh about it, but knowing she's a part of it and hearing her gush over it, I'm a little more open to giving it a chance now. We'll see. I was really far back but I think I got some decent web shots. I'll let you know when I put them up. That is all for now. Back to pizza and then sleep for day 2.


Nov. 19th, 2008 09:47 pm
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This is just a test post because since LJ moved or whatever they did, I'm no longer getting emails when people comment. So can one person please comment so I can tell if I managed to fix the issue. And if not, anyone have any suggestions?
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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] millietheghoul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee........throws birthday confetti all over. Murphy says "meep", that's finch for "happy birthday" :)
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Went to Target to get stuff and I found Mother's Circus Animals cookies in the cookie isle. Wheeeeeee.......I bought two bags since they are good until March 2009. Figure one bag for the holidays and one bag for after the new year. Yummy cookies. And I had no trouble getting on the WB lot today even though I don't work Tuesdays. So I was able to get my brother-in-law's t-shirt. There were a lot of kids on the lot and it just dawned on me that since most of the schools were closed due to Veteran's day they must have brought their kids to work with them today.

So this past weekend I volunteered for Creation's Farscape con. I've never seen the show but remember hearing about the creatures the Henson Company made for the show. They had a good turnout for the con and Farscape fans are very friendly people. They also seem to do a lot of these cons because everyone seemed to know each other. We were a little short on volunteer staff as some new people didn't bother to show up, but it was fun working with the other volunteers. I hadn't seen any of them since Fangoria Los Angeles back in March. I got to work with Raelee Hill during the autograph line. She's a lovely lady. And just did the normal guarding of doors and autograph line control during the weekend. As usual I was tired by the end of the weekend but had a fun time too. Hopefully I will be able to volunteer at some other events coming up next year. I plan to work Grand Slam as long as James doesn't decide to attend that con three years in a row.

Sad to hear

Nov. 5th, 2008 03:28 pm
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I just found out that Mother's Cookies went out of business early in October. I haven't walked down the cookie aisle at a grocery store in forever. I wonder if all the cookies are gone by now. I don't know about you, but I grew up eating the frosted circus animal cookies. Those things were the best. They will be greatly missed. This place is selling t-shirts of the yummy cookies and they are including a small single serve bag of Mother's Cookies with the shirt while their supplies last. I got mine so I can always remember the yum. *sniff* I want cookies. *sniff*
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I voted....yay!!!!! Well technically I voted about five hours ago, this is just the first chance I had online to post. And the wait wasn't too bad, only 45 minutes to an hour. I ended up only being a few minutes late to work. Well nothing else I can do now but wait for everyone else to cast their votes and hope this country redeems itself for the last eight years of stupidity. And those of you in California, NO on 8 please!!!