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Killed my first spider of the summer last night. I truly hope this is not the beginning of many spider sightings this summer. Horrid creatures. *shivers* I have a deal with spiders that they never uphold. If they stay outside I won't bug them, they can do their spider thing outside. If they come inside, they're dead.

Since I didn't go home for Mother's Day, my Mother pretty much said she didn't want to do anything and for me to just come home next weekend for my Father's birthday and we could celebrate both together, I did a little decluttering of the apartment. I still have a long way to go, but I can a see a bit more carpet than before. My main problem is that I own too many books most of them art books. I have three bookcases filled with books, and some dvds and I still have multiple piles of books all over the floor in the living room and bedroom.  Not to mention the two big plastic bins in my closet that hold all the fiction books I've already read. Whatever bugs that eat paper, my home is heaven to them when you throw in all my animation papers and sketchbooks. It's just a paper smorgasbord here. I figure Memorial Weekend will be the all out cleaning since I have a three day weekend off from work. But while decluttering I found a Victoria Secret coupon for $10 off any purchase, and it expires tomorrow. *runs off to check out the website*

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!

Star Trek

May. 9th, 2009 02:25 am
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Just got back from seeing the Star Trek film. I won't go into much because I'm tired. I liked it. I'm more of a Next Generation and DS9 girl, so I may have missed some inside things pertaining to the original series. But through the films I'm familiar enough with the original characters to get some of the neat (homages might be the right word) that they spread throughout the film. If you are a Star Trek fan I would recommend it as it's awesome to see the USS Enterprise on the big screen again.

It was neat to see the film with old classmates and fellow school alum. I was drawing at the zoo during lunch with said friend when she mentioned they were seeing the film tonight. I wanted to see the film but had no plans set on when to see it so I tagged along. It was a fun night laughing and hanging out before the movie and a fun movie to see.

Now off to bed.


May. 6th, 2009 07:00 pm
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Well if I had a twitter account this would be the perfect thing to type in it.

"Was doing dishes, a glass broke and sliced off a bit of my ring finger fingerpad. It's a bleeder."

I got a little faint because real blood and me don't mix. But it seems to be under control. I can see a dark blob on the band aid, but it hasn't completely bleed through. I'm keeping my hand above my heart just in case. LOL. I'm a wimp. At least I was smart enough to drink some OJ or I really might have fainted back there. Stupid cheap glasses, this is the third or fourth one to break, just the first to break in my hand. Maybe I need to move on to plastic cups.
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There be a storm brewing in the valley matey. Or at least it feels like maybe thunderstorms. It's a bit humid for SoCal.

But on to the real business.

I want to send out a birthday wish to a wonderful writer and person.

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] jaesha !!!!!!

I hope it has been a great day.

:does donut dance in your honor:

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So I finally bit the bullet and uploaded my first animated film to youtube. I kept putting it off because I cringe every time I see the film, but I suppose I should share it. It is definitely aimed for younger children, but beyond the slow editing, I hope you as adults would find it enjoyable and sickenly cute. :)

This is the film that showed at the Taiwan International Animation Festival in 2006. The Comic Con film festival in 2007. And the Dragon Con film festival in 2007. Those were the only festivals I bothered to enter. I'm planning on entering my second film into more festivals. I can't upload that film because most festivals frown upon films screening online. Once I'm done with the festival run I'll throw that one online as it doesn't make me cringe as much. I still cringe, just not as much. :)


Apr. 19th, 2009 11:29 pm
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OMG. I'm watching the funniest bad horror movie ever. It's called Zombie Strippers, and yes it's about stippers that are zombies. Apparently the strip club makes more money from zombies than live girls. Kind of gives new meaning to the term "Live nude girls". LOL. Robert Englund is in it so that is made of win. \0/

But seriously this thing has me cracking up so bad. Zombie Strippers....bwhahahahahahahahahaha.
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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] babysquid !!!!

I hope it's been a great day.

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snagged from [profile] sky_prague who snagged from a James interview.

Your favorite Five movies. Also these aren't necessarily my five favorites. They are just the first five I thought of.

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Irish Dance

Apr. 6th, 2009 09:48 pm
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Just cause I was on youtube and I am sure everyone on my flist knows of James posting vids on youtube so I won't go into that. But I was on the site just looking around and had an idea. I decided to search for some videos of an Irish Feis. I found this cute little boy performing the beginners reel and I had to laugh as it was the reel I learned as an adult. I didn't do dancing as a kid because unlike my sisters who started dancing here in LA with an awesome sweet teacher. When I was old enough to start learning we had moved to Ventura County and while the teacher was an excellent teacher who taught many champion dancers, she had no patience for teaching children. So since my mother was never a stage mother, when I said I wasn't having fun and wanted to quit I was allowed to quit. So while I regret never learning Irish dance, I'm always glad to not have been forced to take lessons in that environment. I have taken some classes as an adult. And I learned a reel, jig and slip jig.

So here's the reel performed by a cute little boy.

I couldn't find a novice light jig or slip jig that looked like the one I learned. Oh well. Hmm...looking at all that dancing brings back memories of the time when my sisters danced and the kids didn't wear curled wigs and gaudy dresses. I miss those times.

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Just discovered the best thing at the grocery today. Fiber One pancake mix. Pancakes.....yummmmmmmm.
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A birthday wish to a special friend,

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] ghostgirl13 !

I hope your day has been a great one so far. Enjoy your cake tonight. :)

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Funny thing happened today. I had a giftcard so I decided to walk to Barnes and Nobles to get Avatar season 1 and another DVD, I ended up with My Neighbor Totoro. I thought the Barnes and Noble wasn't too far from me and decided to walk to get in my exercise. I normally do a 4-5 mile walk around the recreation area. Well it took me almost an hour to get to the store. After checking online right now, ends up the store is 3 miles from me. Oops. Got a nice 6 mile walk today, no wonder my feet were sore. LOL.

After getting back and eating dinner it was time for me to finally finish the audio on my second film, that has been sitting around waiting for me to finish the audio for over a year now. I got the final cut files all set up with my composers music and will be spending tomorrow adding some more effects. The deadline for the Comic Con film festival is coming up, so got to finish it tomorrow.

I'm watching My Neighbor Totoro right now. I've only caught snippets of it before, so far it's a cute movie. And I'm very glad the DVD has the option to watch it with the original Japanese dub and subtitles. The Hollywood dubs they do on Miyazaki's films never fit right.

Oh and the storyboard class is going well. Last week every panel was no, no, no from the instructor. This week I spent a good deal of my homework time working on thumbnails to make sure I had the right camera angles and compositon for the shot. My drawings were really rough, but the instructor, after pointing out some mistakes not as many as last week, said that I had good shot selection and he wanted me to take it to the next level. Meaning actually designing good backgrounds and having finished drawings. So yay, I am improving and learning. :)

Now back to Totoro.
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So I watched most of the court hearing on Prop. 8 today. I missed portions due to actually having to work. I missed all the arguments for the Prop, and mostly got the woman lawyer that is against and a bit of the guy from the Attorney General's office who is also against. Did anyone on my f-list catch the whole thing. I'm curious, because from what I caught it didn't seem likely the justices would view the Prop as unconstitutional because of the whole legal thing between what's an amendment to the state constitution and what's a revision. It seemed that the argument that Prop. 8 is a revision and therefore couldn't be just passed with a majority vote of the people wasn't gaining ground with the justices. Although the woman lawyer was very articulate and great at answering and arguing her points. The guy from the Attorney General's office was horrible at speaking. At least it seemed they won't divorce all those that had married before Prop. 8, or that's the feeling I got from the justices questions. It just didn't seem like they would reverse Prop. 8 which is horrible, but they are tied by past legal precedent. I'm just wondering if the justices seemed that way when they heard the arguments for the Prop if anyone caught it. If not I'll just have to wait until there's a news summary of it. Or maybe it will be archived online somewhere. So now it's just waiting 90 days for the ruling.
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Pops in real quick.

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] psubrat  !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you're having a wonderful day.


Mar. 1st, 2009 08:42 pm
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Well I've finally finished photos from Your Funny Valentine. *whoohoo*

You can view them here if you wish.


While working on the photos I noticed that James likes to pout a lot while playing guitar.

Oh pouty

Pouty take two

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Well it's the 27th across the pond, so......................

Happy Birthday
[livejournal.com profile] ukchrisp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a marvelous day and may your b-day bring you luck in getting a great seat at the Masterclass event. :)


Feb. 26th, 2009 07:23 pm
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So I finished the graphic novel today. I was never much into comics as a child. I loved cartoons, but was never exposed to comics beyond the newspaper comic strip. So I've been slowly getting into comics, starting with Batman since he's always been my favorite character. And with the Watchmen film coming out next week, I figured it would be a good idea to read the graphic novel beforehand. So when people start saying they completely f'd up the story I'll know what they are talking about. Actually I hope it stays as true as it can. While I was reading it, I recognized panels as shots from the trailer so it seems the director literally took the comic panel and turned it into the film, for at least some shots. I'll post a review of the film hopefully on Tuesday if I manage to get into the WB employee screening. If not I'll try for the second screening on Thursday. I think they are expecting it to be popular as I don't believe they've done two separate screenings before. I will LJ cut any review under spoilers so as to not ruin things in case anyone on my f-list is waiting to see the film.

And speaking of spoilers, here's what I thought about the graphic novel. I don't use any specific details but in case anyone has not read it and doesn't want to be spoiled for the film. Don't read. :)

Short thoughts )

On a side note. I know of few of my f-list read comics. Does anyone read Wonder Woman? And if so, what's a good series to start in? That's my biggest problem with comics. For the big guys, they've been around so long, I just never know which series to start with.

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Okay I lied....here's more photos.


You can thank the fact that I didn't want to go to bed but was too tired for my brain to work properly on my assignment. So instead, you get photos. :) The concert will have to wait until next weekend.

Now give us a kiss.


Feb. 21st, 2009 04:25 pm
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Photos from the autograph session from the Valentine weekend event are up on my site. :wheeee: That might be all that goes up this weekend as I have this weeks storyboard homework to work on. Should be an interesting assignment. He gave us the model sheets for two characters from Avatar and we're boarding them to dialogue from Seinfeld. hehehe...I can't wait to see everyone else's boards come Friday.


This one is my favorite so far. Pretty.

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First off let me mention that I wrote this in word while at the airport and on the plane. And if Continental's stupid electric plug worked I could have spent my flight working on my photos, but nope, I ran out of laptop battery. I do have a couple photos to share within the report. The rest will have to wait until I finish my storyboard homework. Also, since I wrote this in Word, if you see a letter instead of a LJ user name it's because I missed one or two. I am a bit sleepy right now so forgive any typos I fail to find while re-reading this. Thanks.

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